Golden Sands
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The idea of building a large Bulgarian Black Sea resorts originated in the mid- 50’s. For this purpose is selected the area known as Ouzounkoum / from Turkish long sand/ , which combines a wild forest and a beautiful beach. The construction of the Golden sands resort began in 1956. Over the next 10 years were built most of the biggest hotels and complexes in the resort. Practically this marks the beginning of the international tourism in Bulgaria. Located in a beautiful and ecologically clean bay on the northern Bulgarian Black sea coat, Golden sands resort stands at only 18 km from Varna city. In the immediate vicinity of the resort is Golden Sands natural park. The proximity of the sea, the mild climate and sea breeze strongly influence the flora and fauna of the park, making it very different from the other national parks.
The Golden sands resort hosts over 90 hotels, numerous catering establishments,sports- and entertainment facilities and the unique Aquapolis. The beach of fine golden sand starts at the very foot of the forest. The beach is 3.5 km long and as wide as 100 m at places.
Golden Sands is known as one of the best beaches in Europe. It is flat, covered with fine golden sand. The sandy sea bottom gently slopes into the sea, there are no rocks or sudden drops. The low salinity / lower than that of the Mediterranean / of the sea water and the lack of dangerous fish and animals make the Black Sea very suitable for scuba diving.
Golden Sands resort is 12 times winner of the Blue Flag, a prestigious international prize awarded to ecologically clean resorts
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